31 December 2007

Happy Birthday 2008!!!

A friend of mine posted on his blog that it feels like he remembers a whole lot that happened this year, but at the same time, he doesn't remember much.

I kinda feel the same way. Such huge and wonderful events happened this year, milestone events, life changing events, yet somehow it all gets blurred together into this lump sum that we remember as 2007.

I'm not good with dates anyway, so I've never been one to look back and remember specifics. But this year was full of milestones, that is for sure!

I had a significant number appear in the box where it says age. This just recently happened, so it's fresh in my mind.

My wife and I are expecting our firstborn, a son. With whom I will be well pleased...hehehe...

That has been the major happening this year for us. It's a little paradoxical, though, our biggest event consisted mainly of us not doing much except the neccessary housework and other chores. Well, nesting a bit as well, we are now one room closer to being done with our house, but full of the knowledge that we will finish just in time to start again!

My grandmother on my dad's side also left us this year, and that was a wonderful time with family and friends, looking back on our family forest(it's too big to be a tree), and looking forward to just how our forest will look with that huge gaping hole of sunshine that she left.

She was a major prayer warrior for us in our journey of infertility, and though it pains us that she will not be able to meet her eighth great grandchild, there is some poetry in the fact that everything seemed to have happened at the same time.

My Bride and I this year celebrated five years of wedded bliss, and can't wait for the next five...and beyond. The road wasn't always paved as good as you'd think, but we have four-wheel-drive. Our relationship is stronger now than it ever was, and we look forward to our marriage and family growing stronger with each day.

2007 was a banner year for us here in quiet Jenison. Our house continues to become a home, our church continues to become our community, and our God continues to show us that He is indeed in control.

May 2007 hold the same fond memories for you and your family, and my 2008 be fuller of the Grace and Peace of God than you could imagine!


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