18 January 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words!

It has been one long, tiring week!

On Monday, Shan's OB decided that we have been pregnant for long enough, and scheduled her to be induced. We went in Monday night, around 8pm, and got all settled in. The nurse on duty started the treatment around 9pm, and got the process rolling.

Throughout the night, Shan began having contractions that grew stronger and stronger, until by 5:30 am Tuesday, she was ready for an epidural. That allowed us to sleep a little bit.

Later that morning, as our nurse was getting ready to go to lunch, she came in to check up on us, and told us that Shan was dilated to a 6. She guessed that usually people dilate at about one centimeter an hour, so that would be about four more hours until we start pushing.

But as she left for lunch, Shan's contractions began to come through the epidural. We called the nurse that was covering for the lunch break, and she came and checked on Shan again. Much to her (and our) surprise, Shan had gone from a 6 to nearly a 10 in a little under an hour.

She called everyone back from lunch, called the doctor in the room, and we started to push! Shan started pushing through the contractions around noon, and Elijah Jason Jasperse came into the room at 201pm, weighing 7lbs, 4oz, and measuring 19 inches long!

There was some concern about his heart rate during the contractions, so the doctor used a vacuum to help ease him out. It looked kinda like a plunger, and they just stuck it on Eli's head, and when Shan was pushing, the doctor was pulling.

Aside from that slight concern, everything went smoothly, indeed smoother than either mommy or daddy expected it to go!

Praise the Lord that after our story, everything was just as normal as a pregnancy could get!

And now on to the pictures!!!

He's just a few minutes old, getting his first clean up by the nurse

Already asleep!?!

The happy brand-new family

Tummy Time!!

I am so adorable!!!

I'm sure y'all will see more!! Actually, if you want to click over to myspace, I have some up here


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Catie said...

Praise God - Eli is a keeper! =)
love the pics, Jase - super cute! you have a beautiful son!
so i just started my own little blog thing on here... but i'm still trying to figure it all out. can i somehow subscribe or whatever to your blog, kind of like xanga? just wondering.
hope you, Shan, and Eli are doing great!
loves always!