17 June 2008

The 32-inch cable-ready color flat screen projection paperweight.

Shan and I recently cancelled our cable subscription. It's actually been about two weeks, and we haven't gone crazy yet, so we must be doing okay. To be honest, it was on most of the time just for noise. I would come home late from work, and turn it on just to relax and eat my dinner. Shan did the same thing when she came home from work.

In the mornings, I would sit and feed Eli while surfing the news and weather, not really watching anything.

We don't really have time to follow our favorite shows. If we do get a chance, and they're on, well, great! If not, it's not the end of the world. The whole concept of "must-see TV" is lost on us, I guess.

We started to wonder when they raised the rates again. We could go out for a nice dinner (really nice dinner) once a month instead. Or, all those shows that we want to keep around, we could buy a season on DVD and still have money left over for lunch, or coffee, or a book or something.

I got a tiny tiny bit worried when Eli would wake up for his middle of the night feedings and when I got him all ready, he would turn his head towards the TV in anticipation, before I even turned it on. Not that I was worried about content or anything. It was just colors for him to stare at. But at the same time, it wasn't something I wanted to necessarily promote.

So we have dropped the cable. Done. Buh-bye. Later.

And in honor of our new found liberation from the boob tube, I am providing you with a short list of pros and cons.

Things we will miss:

Scrubs marathons
The Office
Pastor Melissa Scott (she knows like 20 languages, and uses them all in her two-hour messages)
Fightin' Fridays on the History Channel
Jon Stewart
Steven Colbert
The cable news stations
Weather Channel

Things we will not miss:

E! (except for The Soup)
Those disgusting Girls Gone Wild commercials that seem to multiply after dark
All that reality show crap everyone shows now
Iron Chef America (the food is interesting, the show is stupid)
Every channel from 16-30 (except for Pastor Melissa Scott-she knows like 20 languages!)
Billy Mays
Carlos Mencia
TCT (Tri-state Christian Television)
All those stupid exercise programs that tell you you only need to do this for five minutes every other day to look like this! then tell you that you need to eat healthy and find a supplementary exercise routine.



jimkastkeat said...

Way to go!

Jes and I have been tv-less for about a year for many of the same reasons (minus the pavlovian trained baby).

And besides, you can always watch The Office online!

Madeline said...

T and I haven't watched the TV for about 3 years now. (mainly because the stupid thing doesn't get any channels in). It leaves us time for reading and NETFLIX (which rules!). I love being able to watch a whole season without commercials. I do not miss the TV at all, although sometimes I feel a little out of it when everyone blathers on about such and such show, I am not subjected to advertising or as much stupidity that is geared toward the lower end of the intelligence scale.