19 August 2008

We're Back!

What we did do: We cooked over a campfire. We sat by a campfire. We swam in the pool. Shan swam in the lake (62 degrees). We sat on the beach. We got sunburned. We talked. We went for bikerides. We went for walks. We stayed up late. We woke up early. We ate nachos at Snug Harbor. We went geocaching. I picked blackberries. We saw turkeys. We woke up in the middle of the night because Sasquatch was walking around behind our tent. We watched sunsets. I went fishing.

What we didn't do: We didn't catch any fish to fry. We didn't read our books. We didn't expect all the visitors we had. We didn't get run over by kids on Razor scooters. We didn't run over any kids on Razor scooters. We didn't dare venture down to the playground as much as we thought. We didn't get jealous of the massive RV's and trailers we saw. We didn't bleach our hair blonde to fit in. We didn't get rained on. We didn't get swarmed with mosquitos. We didn't miss work at all.

Though it was busier than we thought it would be, a good time was had by all, even Eli, whose teeth did make an appearance.


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