15 September 2008

Dear Reverend

Dear Reverend,

It deeply saddens me that your pompous attitude and arrogant manner will be associated with the loving message of Christ.

Watching you interact with us, the wedding party, this past weekend reminded me of a parable that a certain Jewish Rabbi told his followers about a man who was waylaid by robbers and then nursed back to health by an outcast.

Hearing your words during the incident was merely salt on the wound, as you calmly sidestepped (literally) the intrusion upon your carefully laid out ceremony. Seeing you not even put your Bible down to lend a hand as the bridesmaids and bride and groom helped her up off the ground made me question your ability to lead a group of believers of any size with any sort of compassion or mercy.

Hearing about the way you dismissed my wife and the other bridesmaid when they had a valid question about the service made me not want any part of your church or your "gospel".

Every interaction I have had with you, Reverend, has me convinced that if I were the one waylaid and left for dead on the side of the road, you would cross over to the other side.

I pray that I will not let my anger consume me, and I pray that your heart will soften to those who are not a part of your community.



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-Tim said...


Sounds like you and your family have I lot going on... Hope all is well. Thoughts with you guys always.

Sorry I have been such a stranger online lately. School this semester has been brutal. Hope to see you around soon. Tell Shan it was good seeing her when she crashed Brent's wedding! :-)

P.S - you and I and jefe' need to get together sometime soon for lunch, like we used to. It would be good to hang out together again.