10 October 2008

Oh, Since I Have you Here...


In the event that this blog author failed to mention to his loyal readers that there is another blog out there featuring fictitious tales of daring-do imagined by yours truly, the Wingnut household would like to direct your attention to the following web address:


There you will find the aforementioned stories. Well, one story so far. With two installments. More is on the way, I promise.

My friend Timmy and my friend Jeffy are also involved.

I don't know how regular we'll be over there, but we didn't want to pressure ourselves or anything. It's just a place where we can write stories, and then perhaps discuss them and critique them.

You can help too! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions!

If you feel that you would like to participate, then by all means contact me and we'll see where it leads!

Anyway, I thought I should mention the other blog, since I've been working on it for a couple of months now...


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