19 October 2008


Elijah Jason

(Elijah eating hay)

Well, my baby isn't quite my little baby anymore. He is turning into my little boy, and I don't really know how I feel about that yet. He turned 9 months this past week and it doesnt seem like that long ago that he joined our family. He is so full of life and studies everything just like his Daddy. He has a big mouth and is very vocal like me (and I love it!!). He is such a little gift and was well worth the wait. It scares me how fast this time is going. It seemed like it took FOREVER for him to get here, and now it feels like if I blink, I just missed something or some stage that he has already out grown.

(Eli's first hayride....and he was sleeping)

(Second hayride, and he LOVED it!)

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Catie said...

so cute - i love the pictures!!! he really is growing up WAY too fast! oh my little buddy, getting so big! he def. was worth it!