12 November 2008

These are all Tied Together Somewhere...

...I just cant seem to find it yet.

Or, perhaps more accurately, how these things have come untied, and we should retie them.

The book Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge. Jesus as anti-imperial. Sin becoming empire. Empire becoming oppression and repeating the cycle. The book Jesus Wants to Save Christians, by Rob Bell and Don Golden. The book Nonviolence by Mark Kurlansky. The book The Face of Battle, by John Keegan. The book God's Politics, by Jim Wallis.

Somewhere in this blogger's mind, an idea is growing. It's still all nebulous and cloudy, still hiding in the murky depths.

An idea about empire and oppression, an idea about violence and nonviolence, an idea about the masculine strength that comes from God alone, an idea about how this strength could change the world. An idea about the military-industrial complex, and how we relate to it. Homeland security, military budgets, protection of our society, violence in society, schoolyard bullies, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jesus, Paul, the Caesars of Rome, Egypt, Babylon, Jerusalem, and the call to all Christians to be priests in the New Creation.

I know. That's a bunch of stuff. But somewhere, it's all connected.

In short, an examination of living, breathing empire and how we, as Christians, must live outside of empire.


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-Tim said...

Sounds like you got something there.

P.S. This is me reading your blog!