23 December 2008


I was rushing up and down our icy driveway, trying to clear it before I left for work. I had wanted to be finished with it already, since I really had to leave right now to make it to work on time. Old Man Winter had other plans. My mother, who watches The Boy on Tuesdays, ran into her own weather difficulties, and didn't get to our house when she wanted to.

She was running late, and as a result, I was running late. And as a result of that, I was rushing to clear the driveway, my mind on a hundred different things I had to to at work, and a hundred excuses for my boss when I was late.

I was close to cursing winter and selling our house when I looked up and saw Eli looking out the picture window. He was taking in the beautiful winter scene before him, and then he noticed me. His face broke out in a huge grin, and even from outside I could see his three and a half teeth (with one on the way).

I waved like a madman, and he pounded the window and smiled.

Then I threw a snowball at the window, and he tried to find it after it poofed apart on the window.

Then I did one better, and I aimed the snowblower at the window.

Just before the spray of snow obscured my vision, I saw Eli throw his arm up in front of his face.

When the snow cleared, I saw Eli and Grandma laughing. Grandma's nose was crinkled and her eyes shut, no doubt giggling over Eli's reaction to the snow.

Eli's head was thrown back and his shoulders rocked with great deep guffaws.

I could hear them in my mind, clear as a bell, though I was outside running a noisy snowblower.

I began to laugh behind my scarf, and blew more snow at the window. And for five minutes, I didn't care that it was winter and that I was running behind.



Ted M. Gossard said...

The Wingnut,
Very nice. I love the good that came out of that delay! One you won't forget.

Brr r! It is cold here. And our driveway is practically a skating rink as well, or at least so it seems with my slippery work shoes!

shannon jasperse said...

This made me smile......

Catie said...

precious!!! i love it Jas! that reminds me of when dad would snowblow the driveway and i would sit infront of either the picture window or the kitchen windows watching him, hoping he would see me and do the same thing you did - blow the snow at the window.