16 January 2009

Happy Birthday!

From this:

To this, in only 365 days!

Yesterday we celebrated the year anniversary of one of the most tiring, excruciating, nerve-wracking days we have ever experienced as a family.

It was also, hands down, the most joyful day we have ever known.

Three years ago, we were not sure if we would ever experience a day like it.

All the heartache, the pain, the doctor visits, the exotic-sounding medications that may actually harm you, but might help you as well...

...and then the last visit, when the doctor says, "It doesn't look like it's going to happen this month, I'm sorry."

And then it happened.

And then we spent the better part of a year in a constant state of near-panic, thinking that just over every hill, around every corner, lurked some sinister event that would strip away all of our joy, and once again leave us with nothing but broken dreams and an empty cradle.

And then the day. The day that actually started at 8:00 PM the previous evening.

After much pain and discomfort, and little sleep or food, at 2:01 the next afternoon, little Elijah Jason made his entrance.

To say what we've done, or what he has done, or what our accomplishments have been in the past year would take up entirely too much space.

We just want to say Happy Birthday, Elijah.

We love you very much.

Mom and Dad.


-Tim said...

That is one handsome little dude you have there. I can't believe he is a year old already!!

Congrats and continue to enjoy all of God's blessings.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Really neat to hear your story and God's special grace and gift in Elijah Jason. Truly he is a gift from God given in special circumstances.

And quite cute pictures. Precious. And may he be blessed much, as well as the rest of you, in the blessing of Jesus.