01 June 2009

OOOH Pentecost!!

Here's some verses as we consider Pentecost:

Our world is broken

We will fix it

We fix it not only because of the restoration in the present time, but we fix things also with an eye towards the future. Nehimiah's work was only a small step in the restoration of the entire cosmos.

Nehimiah rebuilt the City where Jesus culminated his earthly ministry.

From the rebuilt city, Christ's power and love was given to the whole world.

So for us today, we start with Acts 2. We have been given the Holy Spirit to empower us to live as Christ.

Let's read Nehimiah closely. No where in the text does it say, "And God came to Nehimiah and told him to rebuild the city of Jerusalem."

Nehimiah saw how his ancestral lands were laid low. He saw how his people had fallen and were destitute.

And he took it upon himself to change things. He didn't wait for a divine command. He saw the injustice and decided to do something about it.

In doing so, he laid the literal foundations that Jesus would stand on as he redeemed the world from evil.

And then Jesus sent His spirit to his disciples, and through them to the entire world.

We are all Nehimiahs now.

And this is what we're working towards.


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