20 December 2009

Welcome Home!

Holidays are for coming home, for family and friends and loved ones.

Any holiday season is busy, with parties and driving and gifts and celebrations.

How much more so when one of the parties takes place at the hospital? This past Thursday, we celebrated a birthday!

Not mine.

Not Wifey's.

Not Elijah's.

We celebrated the arrival of our daughter, Madison Patricia!

She was born just after 5pm, and weighed eight pounds exactly! She is also 19 inches long.

We praise God for the healthy addition to our family, and we pray that she will continue to grow into the woman God created her to be!

Both Mommy and Maddie are doing very well, and trying to catch up on sleep while Daddy distracts Hurricane Eli.

It's gonna get crazy 'round here!!!



CeridianMN said...

Big Congrats! What a way to make a crazy season even more so.

Just out of curiosity, does having a child born this close to Christmas give a different perspective on the love of God in sending Christ then the previous child did? I know that it is something that crossed my mind a little when Gideon was born, but he's a March baby - not a "few days before christmas" baby.

The Wingnut said...


Thanks for the congrats! My belief is, go big or go home:) I was born in December, my wife was born in December. We got married in November.

I wish I could tell you about a difference in between the births of Eli and Maddie, but Eli was born in January, so there's not much difference between the two that I've felt anyway.

I have noticed, however, that I have a father's appreciation for the story that I didn't have before I was a father. We can pray to Our Father, and understand Him sending His Son, but when you are a father (parent), you gain such a deeper understanding of the relationship involved.


Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen, and congratulations to you folks!! What a wonderful gift! Blessings on her and on you as a family. And very nice to see your blog again. No better post to be greeted with than this one. :)

The Wingnut said...

Thanks Ted! Welcome back!


Kenneth said...

Congratulations on the new baby! I have four boys myself, and I now have a two year old granddaughter. You are blessed.