15 January 2010

Cue the Beatles

Elijah Jason turned two years old today.

We're doing cake.  We're doing ice cream.  We're doing Chuck E. Cheese. 

And then tomorrow?  More cake.  More ice cream.

And pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.

He used to sleep only in our arms as we walked him around the house.  Last night, we put him in his big boy bed for the first time.

He used to not have any teeth.  Now we fear for those times when we need to fish something out of his mouth, wondering if we'll get our whole finger back.

Two years ago, he weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces.  Now he weighs almost 40 pounds.

If someone were to ask me for ways to make two years go by in the next month, I would tell them to have a kid.

"Hurricane Eli" has been a whirlwind adventure for us, all three four of us, and though we are fatigued and tired even before he wakes up, we are energized by the anticipation of what he might do that day.

We love him dearly, and would not trade these past two years for anything.

Happy Birthday Eli!

We love you and pray that God will abundantly bless you as you continue to grow into the man He made you to be.


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