11 February 2010

Dear Sir.

To the gentleman exiting Westbound I-196 at Rivertown Parkway Tuesday afternoon:

I understand that you are upset and angry.  I recognize that you probably didn't want anything to do with my wife yesterday.  We cannot blame you for that.  Your emotions are well justified, given the circumstances that you found yourself in.  In all honesty, we too would rather this situation not have happened.  We sincerely apologize for everything that happened.

Unfortunately, my wife found herself sliding downhill on a road slick with ice, and had no choice but to swerve.  She was not going fast, in fact I can tell you that she is a more careful driver than I am.  Had I been at the wheel, sir, the outcome would have been far less pleasant.

I suppose I could tell you that she recognized the situation, and, while still sliding and unable to stop, managed to swerve two lanes over to avoid other cars at the intersection.  Though this is a worthy effort on anyone's part, I doubt it would do much to assuage your anger.  I honestly question whether any driver could have done better than she in this situation.

I may be so bold, I would like to make a request of you.

In the future, sir (and I use that term loosely), please do yourself the honor of being humble and forgiving at the scene of the accident.

Please, for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, at the very least step out of your car and approach my wife as a fellow human being.

Please, if this happens again, please at least attempt to care if everyone else is okay.  Please, if you have any shred of dignity and love about you, ask if my wife is okay, as she did for you.

Please, if you consider yourself a decent human being, do not make my wife stand out in the cold blowing snow, spitting blood from her split lip while you wait for the police to arrive.

At the very least, open your door when you talk to her, and not just roll down your window an inch or so to yell.

At the very least, sir (yes, loosely again), make even a token attempt to understand that there is a world outside of your car.

Remember also, should an event like this befall you again, that it is not becoming of any person who considers himself a man to raise their voice at a police officer.  May I remind you, sir (loosely) that everyone involved would have preferred to be somewhere else.  I am sure that no-one wanted to spend nearly an hour outside in the cold wind, making sure everything is getting cleared up and taken care of.  Perhaps that thought did not occur to you, since you did stay in your car the entire time.

In short, I can only offer up my most sincere apology on behalf of my family, and only hope that you somehow find the gentlemanly strength required to fogive us.


My Family


~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh wow! It takes all kinds, huh?

Well I am happy that your wife is OK (except for her lip)....and sorry that she was involved in such a scary experience of slipping/sliding on ice......only to end up in an accident with some disgruntled cow who obviously had someone pee in his Cheerios that morning.

did I just say that out loud or was I just thinking those not-so-nice thoughts?

The Wingnut said...

Michelle, I think you said that out loud!

We're trying to be nice about it too. Honestly, Shan is being nicer than I am about it, and giving the gentleman the benefit of a doubt.

I, on the other hand, find it near inexcusable that someone would not be able to see past himself in order to make sure everyone else was okay.

Like you said, it takes all kinds!