28 February 2010

Sunday Quote 22810

John Piper on Bible study:

“A pastor will not be able to feed his flock rich and challenging insight into God’s word unless he becomes a disciplined thinker. But almost none of us does this by nature. We must train ourselves to do it. And one of the best ways to train ourselves to think about what we read is to read with pen in hand and to write down a train of thought that comes to mind. Without this, we simply cannot sustain a sequence of questions and answers long enough to come to penetrating conclusions”

I have a steno notebook that I carry in my Bible holder where I can keep all my notes and thoughts while I read and listen to Pastor Rob.  But we don't have to do that only during church.  I usually find myself looking up Bible verses online, and so can't write in my Bible at that time.  But I am never, ever far away from a notebook, legal pad, or at the very least, a scrap of paper to scribble something down on.  I can't tell you how many times I've gone back to my notes and discovered some other connection or insight that I had written down before.


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