07 March 2010

Sunday Quote 30710

Tony Woodlief of Sand in the Gears on "Christianizing" the history of this nation.

It seems far more likely that we are born into this country, fellow Christians, not because God decided to bless us, but because He knows our weak faiths and frames couldn’t handle being truly oppressed in places like Somalia or Pakistan or China. Think about it — God can place you anywhere in history and space, and he chooses not to make you a martyr under the Romans or Muslims or Communists, but an upper-middle class white person in the most prosperous, healthiest, and safest country on the planet. You think that’s because you’re especially righteous? Think again. If America is a special haven carved out by God, it’s because he knew his weakest children needed a safe place.

Touche, Tony.  Touche.


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Anonymous said...

Are we sure about the healthiest? I think it unlikely or at least I hope it's unlikely...