14 March 2010

Sunday Quote 31410

Robb McCoy at his blog The Fat Pastor has this to say about Jesus and His impending trial:

So he sat there in Gethsemane and he prayed. He prayed for another way out. He prayed in anguish. He prayed as a man who could feel pain, who would be hurt by betrayal, who would be scarred by the scourge, and would bleed when nails were driven into his arms and legs. He prayed as a man who knew that if he would follow God’s will, he would be charged, convicted, mocked, humiliated, abandoned, and nailed to a cross. Knowing all of this full well he prayed, “Not my will, but yours.” Then he rose and stood up for all that he had lived for.

As we approach Easter, this is a powerful reminder of the choices we face each day.  How many times could Jesus have backed down, but didn't?  How many times, in the course of his earthly ministry, could he have toed the line and not rocked the boat?  How many times could he have accepted the status quo?

How many times do we?


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