16 May 2010

Sunday Quote 51610

I think I may have a man-crush on Tony Woodlief.  He writes more eloquently than I can think.  It is good that he is such a spectacular wordsmith, for a less-gifted writer would be considered an arrogant jerk spouting off at the mouth, worthy of neither attention nor time.  But his high-minded writing style softens the blows somehow.  I would liken it to a brain surgeon using a baseball bat and still getting the same delicate results as with his scalpel and finely-practiced hand.  Enough of my man-crush, here's your Sunday Quote:

Pain and suffering simply are; they are part of a broken world, and so the question for man is how he will confront them when they come to him. If Christ Himself trembled in the Garden of Gethsemane, how then can we blame the non-Christian, contorted with multiple sclerosis, when he asks for what seems a dignified release?
We cannot blame him. And though we are obligated to declare the growing industry of facilitated murder in Switzerland a wicked enterprise, we should be mindful that it is the natural, rational action of people alienated from Christ. Which means the response cannot be simply to oppose suicide and the various forms of murder dabbled in at the fringes of the medical profession. We must oppose these things, because as Christians we are called to oppose evil. But the root cause is man’s alienation from Christ, and the only solution is his reunion with Christ, which means that for every Christian effort to change a law, there should be a hundred Christian efforts to change hearts.

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Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for sharing this, Wingnut. Went to his blog and linked him. His book looks good. And I attached his thoughts on the Trinity and a Christian leader on my facebook.

Nice pic of you and your family.