07 September 2010

A Quick Note

Some of you may know, but most of you probably don't know, that every year I am involved in a golf marathon to raise money for a local charity.

On September 17, just a few short days away, I will be hopefully completing 100 (or more) holes of golf in nine hours.  This is a marathon to raise money for the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center, a ministry who helps those who are dealing unplanned pregnancies.  They provide testing kits, ultrasounds and other basic care, as well as parenting classes and counseling for those dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

This year, LPC has set up a website in order to facilitate online donations as well as their mailings.  I have a huge stack of mailing cards that I've been giving away, but I also have a website set up in my name if you would like to make a donation.  If you are interested, click this link!

As I said, it's a local charity, so all the funds raised will go to help those hurting right here next to us.  Every $100 we raise is enough to provide one person with the tools to help them cope with their life's situation.

I have already sponsored myself for $1.25 per hole.  Will you help?



bradley said...

How do I pledge? It won't be much but I'd like to help.

bradley said...

nevermind... I missed the link. Now I just have to clear it with my wife. :D

The Wingnut said...


Thanks for your willingness to help out. I really appreciate it, and so does LPC!