05 December 2010

Sunday Quote 120510

From The BioLogos Forum blog, Science and the Sacred.  The post was written by Rev. Kerry L. Bender, and can be found here in it's entirity.  You may also wish to read Part One, here.

This theme, which began at the very beginning of the epistle, is carried through to the verses immediately leading up to the Armor of God. The verses immediately preceding the Armor of God describe how unity and peace are to be kept in all of our relationships by submitting to one another (5:21) and then Paul gives three examples of how this plays out: husbands and wives (5:22-33), parents and children (6:1-4), and slaves and masters (think employees and employers for today) (6:5-9). Therefore, the Armor of God, and specifically the Sword of the Spirit, which is not just the Bible, but more specifically, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is not to be used against one another, but against the evil forces that try to divide us, that attempt to create hostility between us, that take pleasure in seeing us at each others’ throats.

The emphasis was added by me.


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