03 December 2007

Man was That a blast!!

This past weekend, I had the very enviable opportunity to play paintball. I am a bit of a paintball dork, and I enjoy every opportunity I get to go play. Unfortunately, it is a bit cost-prohibitive, so I don't go near as often as I would like. But my streak is changing, I have gone twice this year! That's more than I have gone in the past two years combined!

Although not everyone could make it, there was a small group that did show up. Since it was open play, where anyone can simply show up and take the field, we were a bit nervous as to who exactly would show up. Sometimes, you get paintball teams that enjoy "practicing" against those of us who do not play that often, and do not spend a mortgage payment or two on their gear. It seems a bit one-sided to me, and not really practice. If you want to get better as a team, shouldn't you play against teams that are better than you?

I digress. It was a great time, made all the more fun by it's nearness. Most paintball places around here are at least a half-hour away from me here in Jenison, and some of those are only worth the drive because there's nothing else around.

But not anymore! Magnum Sportz is located inside the Soccer Zone complex, right behind the Meijer in Jenison!!

And the field is worth a half-hour drive, in my opinion! It was spectacular! Basically, they took one of the indoor soccer arenas, and put paintball netting around it, and some bunkers on it. It's large, well-lit, and well-laid out. It was one of the best places I've played, honestly. But you might want a few grains of salt with that, I can probably count on one hand the places I've played....nope....wait....If the hand had eight fingers, then yes...so yeah, I guess never mind the salt. I'm qualified.

It was a great field, great friends were there, and a great time was had by all!

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention The Gauntlet. It's sort of a tradition among the Jasperse clan that when we go paintballing for bachelor parties, the groom to be is singled out to run "The Gauntlet". "The Gauntlet" is a hunter-type paintball game, where one person is sent out alone, to battle the entire opposing team. Since that tradition was not started until after I got married, I was not able to take part in it. Until now. I was privileged enough to experience the once in a lifetime thrill of taking on nine people at the same time. I could not get eliminated, but everyone else could. The goal, obviously, is to give the Gauntlet runner as many welts as possible before you are eliminated. I didn't count. But the game was done in under five minutes.

I know that my cousin Matt did better than I did. When we did this at his bachelor party, he somehow managed to escape with only two or three welts...Must be all that Police Academy training. Or the fact that he's so quiet you don't hear him coming until you feel a pop on the back of your neck...

And now.....the battle wounds!!! And other pictures...

This is the whole group...But I don't know the guy on the right, in the white sweatshirt. He was there with a different group. The more the merrier, though, right?

Prepping for another round!

This is me on the field. Everyone else had rental equipment, and then there's Rambo!

I can't see if that one broke or not...Am I hit?

This is my worst "Battle Scar". Yeah, it hurt. That's the front of my left bicep, if anyone was wondering.

Bob took one on his wrist....

...and Floyd got one in the kidneys!

Here's some more of them. I'm right handed, which means my left side is always facing towards the opposing side. Can you tell?

Everyone seemed to have a good time! I hope to do it again soon, so I can share more pictures with everyone!!


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