07 December 2007

Dear Diary, Today I blahblahblahblah.....plus a pregnancy update!

First, the update: Normal.

Shan's doctor says everything is textbook. I really wish he would give us a copy of this textbook, it would have been handy to be reading it these past few months. Maybe prepare us a little bit. This is imminent, and the weight of that is starting to rest firmly on Shan and I's shoulders. Not that it's a bad thing, don't get me wrong. We are both super-psyched for this to happen, for this new chapter in our lives. We really do thank God for the opportunity to experience this miracle!

But the number to over there to your right is a lot smaller now than it was(myspace and xanga, click here). As in a month and a half. As in we could go at any time. As in, I really should be packing a bag for the hospital instead of typing this. But here I sit...

I usually don't go for these "Dear diary" types of posts. Usually, my days are not thought-provoking enough for me to think that someone might actually be interested in reading about them. Now that I'm reading that sentence, I'm wondering if that's a good thing or not...

Anyway, today was a day about running in to old acquaintances. This morning, I had to pick up the Blazer from the shop. The shop was right down the road from a coffee shop that was started by an acquaintance of mine, Martin (Mocha & Music. Go there. Buy coffee. Listen to live music). I really didn't think he would be there, but he was, so I was able to catch up with him a little bit. I hadn't seen him in a long while, so it was nice to catch up. I could have stayed all morning, but I was on my way to do some Christmas shopping for my bride. By the way, the coffee there is just as good, if not better, than my beloved Starbucks.

At Barnes & Noble, shopping for my bride, who doesn't read, I ran into a former co-worker of mine at Complete Music, Tom. Tom is a pastor, and so it was fun to finally have someone in the office at Complete that approached life from a similar world view as mine. He only worked there a short time, but we would talk, and we would answer questions and debate the other DJs after our shows. Tom also was launching a youth ministry with some friends of his, and it was going very well.

As he got busier with that, though, he had to stop DJing, so I kinda lost track of him. The next time I ran in to him was at Church, and he looked like he had slept about eight seconds in the last year. He had lost everything. He had been pouring his heart and soul into the youth ministry and his church, and everything was crumbling right in front of him. His wife apparently had cheated on him, and was now leaving. On the way out, she had gotten the ear of a few influential members of their congregation, and had told them her side of the story, and in the space of about a week and a half, his wife was gone, his church had booted him, and his best friends had decided that maybe he wasn't a healthy influence for the youth ministry.

Today, I was glad to see him doing better. Not all the way, obviously, but better than the last time. I mean, how can you fully recover from your whole life being destroyed like that? We talked a little bit about me, and how things were going, but I didn't want to talk much about it. I figured that was probably one of the last things he wanted to hear. Mostly, we talked about him. Or he talked about him. I listened.

I really had to get these gifts bought, and I really had to get home and fix lunch, and go see my bride, and get to work on time. But I sat and listened. Not because I wanted to, mind you, but because I had to. I mean I did want to stay, but that's not really why I stayed. Know why I stayed? Because he needed to be in church.

Matthew 18:20.

That's my day. Hope yours are filled with the same random coolness!


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