28 January 2008

Name Change!

Not that very many people will notice, but I changed the name of my blog.

My previous title, "The Hangar", was meant to convey the largeness of my blog. I did not want people (or myself) to feel restrained in what they posted or commented, and I did not want to confine myself to certain topics only. I know a few people who have different blogs. I have three, technically, but I post the same things on each. These people have different blogs for their different posts. I never really saw the point in that. Just say what you're going to say!

The name also had an aviation smell about it, and that's always a winner in my book.

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that the name of the blog does not determine the content of the blog. I could title my blog anything I wanted, and people would still read for the posts. Well, three or four of you would, anyway!

So I changed the name.

I have that every once in a while, where a great idea will just slam itself into my eyeballs, and I almost have to stop everything I'm doing to deal with it. Most of the time, I get slammed in the eyeballs by not-so-great ideas.

I wasn't even thinking about my blog, and suddenly that popped into my mind, along with the Buechner quote. Which I paraphrased.

I was also considering a layout change, but I will hold off on that until I find something readable and aesthetically pleasing. My only gripe is all that empty space over to the left, and I'm afraid my HTML-fu isn't quite up to changing it on my own.

So anyway, now that I've spent entirely too much time explaining something of very minor importance, I hope you enjoy the new, more accurate, more expressive name for my blog.



-Tim said...

Nice, I like the change. How's the little guy doing? Can't wait to meet him!

-Tim said...

P.S. I like the explanation of EJ's name on the blog sideline. Extremely cool and very apropos indeed.