21 May 2008

The fruit of the web browser is news, news, news.

Dateline, Jenison Michigan. 5/21/08

Elijah Jason is not oozing snot all over. Mommy isn't stuffed up anymore. And Daddy, once again, somehow escaped the ravages of the cold virus.

There's a neat-o crashed airplane in my hangar right now. You can read the story here. It's not going to fly again, either. The news pictures don't do it justice. I'd post some I've taken, but I'm not sure of the legality of that. But, it's still less expensive to replace an airplane than it is to replace a pilot, so it was a good crash landing. I heard that he didn't even get a bruise from the shoulder harness. He did better than I would have, I think.

While I was searching for that story, I found this story. That's literally right at the end of our street. I'm not quite sure how fireworks would be mistaken for a hot air balloon, but I wasn't there I guess. Incidentally, it's not a good area to land a hot air balloon. Or crash one, for that matter.

I found this today online, and it made me want to play softball again. And convinced me that the world is still a relatively decent place.

Sorry there's no substance today, but I hope you enjoy the fruits of my browsing!


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