29 July 2008

Here's something we didn't learn in Daddy & Mommy class...


What the hell is that??

I seriously thought the nurse was making that up, but apparently it's a fairly common childhood disease. If they would have said, "Your kid has hand, foot, and mouth disease.", I would have thought that they were joking too, but at least that way I would have heard the name before.

And they are the same thing, I guess. Basically, it amounts to a severe sore throat, resulting from the numerous cold-sore like lesions that appear in the back of the throat, and sometimes on the hands and feet.

It also causes a very sudden and high fever, and the throat pain may decrease appetite and cause nausea.

It is a viral infection, passed on the same way colds and flu's are; meaning that nobody has any clue, other than it's this particular virus. Wash your hands.
This also means that we can't do anything for it, other than make sure Eli is as comfy and pain-free as he can be.

So. Our week will consist of Infant Tylenol drops, cool rags for Eli to suck on, and two parents wondering what they should have done different, while knowing that they couldn't have done anything different.



Amy said...

=( I hope Eli gets better!

Kristen Smith said...

Poor little guy! I know exactly what you guys are going through because Bradyn had a mild case of it a couple of weeks ago, it went away in about a week. Make sure you wash your hands often because it can be very easily passed on to you guys!!

-Tim said...

Aw! Sad guy! We hope he's feeling better soon.

About the fiction, yeah! That sounds really cool. Although I can imagine my updates and posts would be even more infrequent than on my blog. :-(

What are you thinking about for the serials? Episodes of one story? Joint work alternating? Let me know what you think-y-think.