15 September 2010

Another Quick Note

This Friday I am golfing just as much as I can stand between 0730 and 1700.  I hope to get at least 100 holes in, but I'll probably get just a bit more than that.  My record, if memory serves me, is 135.

We'll not eat much breakfast so we can move without barfing.  We'll eat our lunch on the course in the golf cart as we go along.  Dinner won't be until later than we are used to.

There will be blisters a plenty, but we'll keep going.  One year, it was 90 degrees and humid, and I had white crusts all down my arms and legs and had to throw the shirt I was wearing away afterwards.  One year, it rained almost three inches by noon, and then let up only slightly.

Every April, down in Augusta Georgia, the best and the brightest golf talent in the world will gather at the exclusive Agusta Golf Club for the Master's Tournament.  Over the course of one week, the players will play up to 36 holes a day for five days.  Maybe even more.  That's 180 holes of golf.  In a week.

Last year, the man with the most holes during our golf marathon made over 200.  In one day.

Why would I do this instead of playing paintball?

Because every $100 I and the other golfers raise will help one person with the emotional, physical, and spiritual support they need during their crisis or unplanned pregnancy.

The people that come to the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center are often young, unmarried, and usually without support from their families and friends.  They usually don't have a church community to turn to either.

We can not let that happen.  I could not be content with saying I am pro-life and doing nothing for those who are deciding what to do about their unplanned pregnancy.

I invite you to join me by praying for us golfers the day of for peace, at least marginal weather, and no major bloodletting or other mishaps.

If you would like to do more than pray, follow this link and you will be given an opportunity to support me financially.  The donations are handled through PayPal, so your donation will be secure.

I thank you for any support you can give for this wonderful ministry!


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