17 September 2010

Last Quick Note

By the time most of you read this, I'll be golfing my way to and beyond 100 holes, and hands full of blisters.  My Dad and I are golfing together, and by this time we've probably both gone through at least two boxes of golf balls (12 per box).  Last year, I brought my softball bat and had almost better luck with it than with my driver.

The course we play on is beautiful, and I always think I should come back.  But by five o'clock, and however many holes we manage to play, I'm sick of it.  It's all we can do to peel ourselves out of the golf cart and walk our bag to the truck afterwards.

My wife and I recently dug out our GameCube and played Mario Golf a few times, so I feel like this year I'm all practiced up.

Wish me luck, and there's still time to contribute if you feel so led!


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bradley said...

Everything I've learned about golf, I learned from Tiger Wood PGA Tour.

Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Now use those skrillz and shoot a bunch of hole-in-ones so you go faster. Good Luck!